3D Studio Max – I decided to see what I could do with curves! This project really got me familiar with them in…

Blender Tank

Modeled in Blender 3D, and experimented with sky-light rigging.

Wizard of OZ Pair

3D Studio Max – I decided to experiment with HDRI here, and go with an evil-type Wizard of OZ theme.

Red Hat

Blender 3D – Early experimentation again with curves and lighting. Yeah, the name itself lets you know how old this render is!


Blender 3D – Very early days in experimentation. This was an entry into the Internet Ray-Tracing Contest (IRTC). Sadly, 2006 was the last…

Check Mate

Blender 3D – This was the time I experimented a little with fake motion-blur as well as particle effects.

Axis & Allies

Blender 3D – I went for a theme and style similar to the board-game Axis & Allies. Then I threw my own spin…


Lightwave 3D – My first and only modeling/rendering in Lightwave.